Polycrystalline diamond tools made from synthetic material with diamond like properties are most suitable for machining difficult to machine abrasive materials offering high quality and economic efficiency. Universal PCD tools are suitable for machining non-ferrous, aluminum and magnesium alloys in automotive component industry, brass graphite, fiber cotton, epoxy, Kevlar, composite material, plastic, wood etc.

Cubic Boron Nitride (PCBN) Tools are used for hard machining applications. These tools are rated second when comparing hardness properties, just below PCD Tools and are used for machining most steels and line.

Universal PCD and PCBN tools range consists of reamer, end mills, drills and many more types with 2-flutes, 3 or 4 or more teeth, with or without through coolant, for blind hole, in intermediate sizes and long lengths. They are catered to our valued customers in aerospace, aviation and automotive industry.

Universal hires a team of highly experienced and dedicated tool engineers provide post-delivery customer support to PCD and PCBN customers.

  • Reamers,
  • Step Reamers,
  • Combination Tool (Spl & Std),
  • Inserts,
  • Profile Cutters,
  • End Mills,
  • Slot Drills,
  • Ball Nose End Mill,
  • Corner Redius End Mill,
  • Routers,
  • Wood Tools,
  • Scoring Cutters,
  • Special Tools. Wear Parts,
  • Wear Part Support,
  • Treppaning Cutter,
  • Face Milling Cutter,
  • Boring Tool
  • Grooving Tools
  • ‘V’ Notch Cutters,
  • Saws Piston Grooving Tools,
  • Circlip Tools,
  • Combination Cutters,
  • Grooving Cutters,
  • Catridge
  • Shell Endmill
  • Thread Mill
  • Thread Inserts
  • Port Tools
  • Cavity Tools
  • Counter Sink Cutters
  • With / W/O Pilot
  • For Machining Aluminium, Brass
  • Graphite, Fiber Carbon, Epoxy,
  • Kevler, Composite