Universal Tools offers customized HSS Cobalt Tools & Super HSS Tools for every industry. High speed steel tools are suitable for any manufacturing process and are cost-effective. Our custom cutting tools are manufactured on ultra-modern CNC machines out of the finest grades of high speed steel material. Since past 48 years we have manufactured HSS tooling’s for Industries in India and abroad.

Selection of Appropriate grade of steel for your application is crucial for desired quality and cost of the end product.  We offer High Speed Steel, Cobalt, and Powdered Metal for use in manufacturing of custom cutting tools. Cobalt when added to High Speed Steel it gives higher wear resistance you’re looking for.  Cobalt can be hardened to a higher level than High Speed Steel, which will give you added wear resistance and strength.  Cobalt works well on hard to machine materials and can be coated for particular material applications.

They provide hardness of 62-64 HRC, available in M-15 and M-42 grades

Our company is a complete source of angle cutters, pipe chamfer tools, spot face cutters, coolant fed drills, reamers, core drills, taper reamers, hole mills, subland drills, step drills, taper drills, mill reamers and many more.

  • Coolant Fed Drills,
  • Drills Reamers,
  • Core Drills,
  • Reamers,
  • Taper Reamers,
  • Spot Face,
  • Hole Mills,
  • Subland Drills,
  • Step Drills,
  • Taper Drills,
  • Mill Reamer,
  • Broach Reamers,
  • Side & Face,
  • Spot Face Cutters,
  • Roughing End Mills,
  • Cylindrical Cutters,
  • Angle Cutters,
  • Forms Relieved Concave Cutters,
  • Other Form Relieved Cutters,
  • Treppaning Cutters,
  • Special Geometry Tools For Cnc
  • Machine
  • Pipe Chamfer Tools,
  • Jig Boring Tools,
  • Circular Form Tools,
  • Dovetail Tools ,
  • Rifle Ink Cutter
  • Furtree Cutters