Universal tools (India) Produce very Precision Port counter bore tools for the Port counter bore holes to ISO, SAE’ ROSAN & other international standards as well custom built tools.

Port counter bore tools are offered in Solid carbide, Carbide Brazed tipped & Lugged version with straight shank or taper shank also tools with internal thro coolant or without internal thro coolant as desired. giving you precision & quality port hole.

Universal tool also offers drill cum port forming counter bore tool to perform operation in one go without any pre drill to save up time and cost.

Port counter bore tools are manufactured with high degree ofprecision for accurate seat for seals on the component.

Tool are normally available with counter bores but also can be offered without counter bores.

Universal too offers various kind of Port counter bore tools:-

A) Port codnter bore tools with Guided Type and Non Guided Type. The Guided Type Port Counter Bore Tools has Ground outer Diameter body to be used with Guided Bushes

B) ROSN Cavities Port counter bore tools These Special ROSN Cavities Are Guides for Broaches Which later Is Used for Threading

C) Port Counter Bore Tools With Interchangeable Pilots These Pilots Can Be either Pilot Reamer or Pilot Guide Giving More flexibility and Interchangeability.

D) SAE SHORT Fort Tobl To Produced Complete Form In One Settings I.E. Minor Diameter Up To Spot Face These Tools Are Mainly Used On CNC Machine WithoutAny Guide Bush.

E) SAE LONG port counter bore Tooi To Produced Complete Foln In One Settings I.E. Minor Diameter Up To Spot Face These Tools Can Be Used Thro’Guide Bush For Conventional Machines As WellAs CNC Machine.

F) PORT Counter Bore Tools FIXED PILOT TYPE Are Very Special Types O_f Tools T!99e- A1e Different Than The Regular-Tools Having Larger Diameter Of Spot Face To Produce Over Size Counter Bore These Tools Are With Guided Pilots These Tools are Used As prototype Jobs And Small Batch Production (R & D) These Special Tools Are Used By Defence.

Piloted Port 'c' Bores
MS-3 3649 & SAE AS52O2' I L0050

Port c'Bores (Guided & Non Guided type)
MS3 3649, SAE AS5202 & AND10050

Port c' Bores (Replacable Pilot)
MS33649, SAH AS5202 & AND10050

1t4s33649 & SAE As5202 I AND70050

Port c' Bores
M53 3 5 74, M53 3 57 5,45335 74, AS335 15 e A54375

SAE Long Series Port c' Bores
M516742, SAE 1514 & SAE 17926/1, HO 77926-7

SAE Short Series,'Port e' Bore's
M516142, SAE J514 & SAE11926/1, ISO 71926/7

Port c'Bores
ROSN PsI0A35, SAEASI 300 & AS420I, 6M752

Port c' Bores
MS-3367 & AND-70077

Port c'Bores (Metric)
ISO 6749-7 (1933), SAE l-22441

Port c' Bores
MS-33649,NA5A MC 240

Port c' Bores
BSSP/ BSPF ( RP ) Bs1 BS21