What is Solid Carbide Cutting Tool

Solid Carbide Tools are cutting tools used for industrial metal cutting applications. Carbide tools are of different types such as drills, reamers, end mills, milling cutters, thread mills, boring and grooving tools and many more.

In 1970s Universal tools introduced carbide cutting tools for metal machining industry, as a more powerful alternative to HSS tools. Raw material for solid Carbide tools  is cemented carbide which is prepared by mixing tungsten carbide  powder with cobalt powder which is then sintered at high temperatures.  Hardness of cemented carbide ranging between 89 to 94 hra is between diamond and sapphire. Rods so prepared are then ground to manufacture solid carbide cutting tools in round shank format.

What is the main purpose of these tools

Universal Tools Inc  is a precision carbide cutting tools manufacturer which produces solid carbide cutting tools which are used at high speed and feeds on CNCs machines –  vertical machining centres (VMCs),  horizontal machining centres(HMCs),  turn mill centres etc to machine  various metals like cast iron , steels , forgings, titanium, Aluminium etc. They are used in automotive component industry,aerospace industry, Fluid power industry, power generation industry, defence industry, ship-building industry, machine tools industry, plastic industry, wood-working industry, electronic industry etc.

Solid carbide tools are available in various shapes and with different geometries,  sizes, lengths, steps diameters etc and are supplied in different grades -standard, normal, fine, ultrafine and submicron grades along with universal special recipes grades  depending on application.  Universal tools is a pioneering carbide cutting tools supplier for customers in India and abroad

Why Choose UniversalTool Inc for Solid Carbide Cutting Tools

Since last  48 years Universal has  been  serving industries with its world class tools technology in India and  several other countries offering  innovative TOOL technology,  with revolutionary drilling and super finishing reamer technology.

Universal tools are manufactured with advanced  CNC machines including Walter, Huffman, Ewages, Strausak, Sheffield Wasino, Wendts, Anca, Zoller Wickmans, Deckels, Cincinnati Makino supported by dedicated highly qualified and experienced engineers.

Universal offers both standard and customized Sold carbide round shank tools in diameter from 1 mm to 60 mm plus. Product range  includes drills, SC reamers, SC milling cutters, SC grooving / boring/ recessing tools, SC thread mills, profile& form tools and also special tools.,

Tools supplied include solid carbide  twist drills, spiral point, flat drill, step drill, burnishing drills, lugged drills, centre drill, high feed drills  extra long series drills, oil hole drills, gun drills  drill cum reamers hard steel machining drill, super finishing reamers , shell reamer, burnishing reamers,gun reamers ,  hole mill cum reamers, multi-step burnishing reamers, slotting end mills, ball nose endmill, taper endmill, taper ball nose cutters, die sinking cutters, tools for die mould cutters,  concave milling cutter, countersink, T-slot cutter,woodruff cutters, serration cutter, dovetail cutter, port cutters, cavity tools, ,injector bore tools, parent bore tools, and many more.

Universal Tools provides cost-effective tooling  solutions to  metal cutting  industries worldwide in the desired shortest delivery periods. Universal methods engineering department (M.E.D.) provides optimized  tooling solution for your all type of machining needs based on the  component data provided.