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Universal Tool India
Universal Tool India
Universal Tool India
Universal Tool India
Universal Tool India

Pioneer in Manufacturing Cutting Tools In India



UNIVERSAL TOOLS Inc is the world's Precision Cutting Tool manufacturer of whole range of solid carbide tools, carbide tipped tools, lugged tools, HSS tools, PCD & PCBN tools, special tools, thread mills etc. Established in 1979 Universal Tools Inc revolutionized process of metal machining and brought the super finishing reamer technology to the World, which changed the whole concept of surface finishing . In its range of solid carbide tools, Universal offers reamers, both standard and customised diameters ranging from 1 mm to 70 mm. and lengths 50 to 800 mm.

What is a Reamer ?

A reamer is a type of rotary cutting tool used for surface finishing operation along with controlled tolerated hole . Carbide reamer is made of solid carbide material slightly enlarges previously formed hole in a metal with great degree of accuracy to form smooth surface finish.
Since 1970s, carbide reamers and other carbide tools are being used in industrial metal working application. These are made of cemented carbide which are prepared by mixing tungsten carbide powder with cobalt powder to make desired graded powder which is then compacted and sintered at high tempreture to achieve high performance tungsten carbide product A typical reamer geometry consists of parallel/ straight or helical cutting edges along the length of a cylindrical body. all cutting edge are ground at a slight angle and with a slight undercut below the cutting edge. This ensures a long life for the reamer and a superior finish to the hole.

Reamers are of different types :

A straight reamer cutter is used to make only a minor enlargement to a holes.
A combination reamer has two or more cutting diameters. The advantage of using a combination reamer is to reduce the number of operations, while more correctly holding depths, internal diameters and ensuring aligned centricity.
A tapered reamer is one in which the body of the tool tapers to a point. Its mainly used in making taper holes for locking purpose along with taper pins Shell reamers are designed for reaming large bores and deep bores and are used along with holders . shell reamers are fluted almost their whole length , to evacate the chips from the end of flutes. And these tools are replaceable Burnishing reamers are used for burnishing or Super-finishing of drilled holes Sac reamers are used to align the axis of the hole when the holes are tapered or are in inclined position.
Universal carbide reamers can be used can be used as a hand tool as well as as a machine tool used on lathes CNCs, Vertical machining centres (VMCs), Horizontal machining centres(HMCs), on turn mill centres in numerous industries such as automotive industry, automotive component in numerous industries such as automotive industry, automotive component industry,aerospace industry, Fluid power industry, power generation industry, defence industry, ship-building industry, machine tools industry, plastic industry, wood-working industry, electronic industry etc.

Why Choose Universal Tools In. for Reamers :

Universal tools are manufactured with world class CNC machines including Walter, HUFFMAN Ewages, Strausak, Shiefield Wasino, Wendts, Anca, Zoller Wickmans, Deckels, Cincinnati Makino supported by dedicated highly qualified and experienced engineers. SInce 1978, Universal Tools is serving industries in India and in several other countries

Universal offers wide range of Reamers include burnishing reamers, lugged reamers, end cutting reamers, hole mill cum reamers, SAC reamers, shell reamers, single blade reamers, gun reamers, SCH long reamers, taper pin reamers, Jig reamers, valve guide reamers, multi step burnishing reamers, mill reamers, combination reamers, 'H' cut reamers, extra long through collant reamers and many more.


Universal tools offer you lowest cost of tool per component, modernize your existing tools and also offer you Regrinding ,Recoating & Reconditioning of tools. UNIVERSAL assures you commitment of import substitution " MADE IN INDIA " product and would see many new tooling as "First" from their Research and Development as usual.

  • Reamers – Solid Carbide
  • Burnishing Reamers
  • End Cutting Reamers
  • Hole Mill Cum Reamers
  • Sac Reamers
  • Burnishing Pad Reamers
  • Single Blade Reamers
  • Shell Reamers
  • Gun Reamers
  • Lugged Reamers
  • Sch Long Reamers
  • Taper Pin Reamers
  • Jig Reamers
  • Valve Guide Reamers
  • Multi Step Burnishing Reamers
  • Mill Reamers
  • Pcd Reamers
  • Combination Reamers
  • 'H' Cut Reamers
  • Extra Cut Thro' Coolant Reamers
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