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Universal Tool India
Universal Tool India
Universal Tool India
Universal Tool India
Universal Tool India

Pioneer in Manufacturing Cutting Tools In India

Special Tools

Special Tools

Universal tools are expert in design and manufacture of innovative high quality and high performance, exclusive and rare range of tools.

Combination drill countersink – Internal threaded shank combination drill countersinks can be produced in HSS, carbide for PCD. Universal multi fluted PCD Router is fully ground and specially developed for finishing of composite components. The 10 teeth will allow small radius finishing cuts to be produced at feed rates upto 4000 mm/min. Universal's Unique range of high flute density tooling enables titanium to be finished upto 6000 mm/min

Port Cutters & Cavity tools- Universal Port cutters and cavity tools are available in any shape size and format to suit individual component needs. A complete source of port counter cutter, taper pipe reamer, cartridge valve cutter for 2 way and porting tools made to order for Danfoss, Delta, Deltrol fluid power, Hydac, Hydraforce, Integrated hydraulics, Vickers Eaton.

Tools for Aerospace Industry -Universal also offers tools for aerospace and aircraft industry. Our range consists of dagger drills, Kevlar drills, routers, radius drills, nut plate drills and countersink tools, aircraft reamer, aircraft pilot reamer, parabolic flute drills, rivet shavers.

Special Tools
Special Tools

UNIVERSAL TOOLs Inc is one of the world's Precision Cutting Tool manufacturers. We are the Pioneers of carbide Cutting Tools in India who brought to the world the innovative TOOL technology, which revolutionized drilling and brought the super finishing reamer technology, which changed the concept of hole making to the world. Universal Tools is a complete source of special tools from diameters as small as 2 mm to 60 mm.


Universal cutting tools can be used on lathes CNCs, Vertical machining centres (VMCs), Horizontal machining centres(HMCs), on turn mill centres in numerous industries such as automotive industry, automotive component in numerous industries such as automotive industry, automotive component industry,aerospace industry, Fluid power industry, power generation industry, defence industry, ship-building industry, machine tools industry, plastic industry, wood-working industry, electronic industry etc.

Special Tools

Universal Tools provides custom tools such as countersinks, T-slot cutters, die-sinkers, Spot & face cutter, side & face cutter, angular face cutter, routers, profile and multi-diameter cutters, , trepanning cutters, spherical cutters, helical carbide tipped cutters, form relives cutters, sconner runding cutters, back spot face cutters, convex and concave cutters.

You need to send us only sketch of machining problem and Universal Tools Inc offers complete solutions. We also offer you Regrinding, Recoating & Reconditioning services. UNIVERSAL assures you commitment of import substitution " MADE IN INDIA " product and would see many new tooling as "First" from their Research and Development as usual.

Contact us with your requirements, and we will supply you with top quality carbide cutting tools that meet your requirements

  • Profile & Form Profile Cutters
  • Port Hole Cutters
  • Cavity Tools
  • ' T' Slot Cutters
  • Wood Ruff Cutters
  • Dovetail Form Tools
  • Circular Form Tools
  • Flat Form Tools
  • Turbine Blade Root Tools
  • Turbine Blade Cutters
  • Torous Cutters
  • Routers
  • Spade Drills
  • Grooving Tool
  • Valve Guide Reamers
  • Key Way Cutters
  • Slitting Saws
  • Circlip Grooving Tools
  • Dovetail Cutters
  • Broach, Reamers
  • Profile Form Inserts
  • Interpolating Tools
  • Hobbs
  • Mica Under Cutting Cutter
  • Drill Reamer For Composite Material
  • Drill Reaming & Counter Sink
  • Counter Sink With Or Without Pilot
  • Receing Tool
  • Jig Boring Tools
  • L Spherical Cutters
  • L Special Profile & Form Tools
  • L Special Drills
  • L Flat Drills
  • L Nc Spotting Drills
  • Multi Step Burnishing Reamer
  • Corner Rounding Cutters
  • Parent Core Tools
  • Circlip Grooving Tools
  • Counter Sinks
  • Nut Plate Drills
  • Aerospace Tools
  • Serration Cutters
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